How it works

Welcome to my #RoastMyArticle Campaign.

I’lltake some time to help you write pieces that are SEO-friendly (meets Google EAT criteria), tight, and visually appealing.

  1. Send in your Google Docs Link (500 to 1000 words)
    Google docs is the universal writer’s word processing software.
    It also makes collaboration easy and fast.
    Have a look at this template and align your article to it BEFORE you submit it to me.
  2. I will do the editing and comment
    I will go through the document, and provide the necessary comments and pointers.
  3. SEO Training and Tutorials
    If need be, I will work with you to help iron out some of the areas that will help spruce up your pieces.

    If you’re a total beginner, I will give you an early offer to a portal that has all the relevant material to help you learn and grow.

#RoastMyArticle Application

Use this form to submit your piece to my #RoastMyArticle Queue
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