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Comparing Different Button Cell Batteries LR44, AG13, LR1154 and More

Button cell batteries find their technical description in this blog post, and the varieties are compared, with a subtle call to action to finish everything off.

Content Marketing Stats That Prove It’s Worth Investing in Today

I consider this my Copysmiths entry exam. I was supposed to impress with the article, or fall to the side. I made it, winning the hearts of the audience with content marketing stats that prove the field worth investing in in 2021 and beyond.

Do You Need a Talent Management System in 2021?

Organizations are constantly seeking ways to grow and retain their workers. This blog post goes into depth on Talent Management, and why every organization needs this structured methodology today.

Energizer MAX vs. MAX Plus: Which AA Battery Should You Use?

This blog post compares the Energizer MAX its MAX Plus counterpart, and gives the user the right technical information to make an informed choice when purchasing.

How To Build A Learning Organization The Right Way In 2021

This blog post targets employers seeking to affordably train their employees at scale, while helping them with career upgrade, seamlessly. I go into depth, by first defining a learning organization, giving two case studies to augment the concept, then explain why Quantic is the best option for those seeking to transform their organizations.

Prostate Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

I take a slightly different angle at prostate cancer, unravelling the causes and associated risk factors, and how the patient can work with Miskawaan Integrated Cancer Center through it all.

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

I talk about what Miskawaan Integrated Cancer Center does in diagnosing and giving treatment options to patients.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

I talk about prostate cancer treatment, and why Miskawaan Integrated Cancer Center is the choice hospital for those suffering from this cancer type.

Thyroid Cancer Symptoms

I discuss thyroid cancer, what to look out for, and how Miskawaan Cancer Center can help affected patients.

Understanding Procell Duracell – The New Industrial Standard Battery Power Experience

I go into the technical details of Procell DUracell, and sell off the Procell INTENSE Power PX2400 AAA Battery
1.5V Alkaline Box of 24 as an example product to cement my research.

What Is a Learning Management System (LMS)? Your Best Options

I discuss the LMS concept and show how Quantic can help organizations augment the value of Learning Management at scale.