Install Your WordPress Site for Free in 7 Simple Steps (With Pictures)

WordPress is a known name in the blogging scene. As I write these words, it powers over 30% of the internet, considering the top 10 Million websites.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up WordPress, and get up and running in a few minutes. We will use 000webhost by Hostinger as our hosting platform.

  1. Go to and signup for an account. Click on the Get Started button to start off.
Figure 1: The 000webhost website

2. In the resultant table, click on the FREE SIGN UP button under the Free Web Hosting column.

Figure 2: The Free signup button

3. A page will appear. For faster results, go the social login way (signup using either Facebook or Google). Confirm the account, by clicking on the appropriate one.

You will then be directed back to the signup page upon successful confirmation. Click on Allow (in the case of Google/Gmail to continue).

Figure 3: The login screen and confirmation

4. If successful, a welcome message will be provided. Click on the link that reads: It’s not my first rodeo, take me to the CPanel. You will be redirected to the next page where you will enter project details.

Figure 4: Success screen upon signup

5. You will now be directed to the Name Your Project page. Here, you will enter a memorable website label e.g. samediamba (please note that only numbers, latin letters and hyphens are allowed), and then a password you can remember. This label will later be part of your site web address, so keep it short and memorable.

Click on the Submit button to move to the next stage.

Figure 5: A screen that allows you to label your project

6. In the next step, click on the Select button under Install WordPress.

Figure 6a: Install WordPress

A window will popup. Please enter a memorable username and password accordingly. For best results, use a proper combination of caps, small letters and numbers, as shown in the image. Click the Install to finish the process.

Figure 6b: Enter your WordPress credentials

The next window will show installation in progress.

Figure 6c: Installation process and confirmation

A confirmation box will appear upon successful completion. Click on the Go to configuration page button to proceed to the WordPress dashboard.

7. You will now be directed to the WordPress login page. Enter your username and password (refer to step 6). You will then be directed to the dashboard.

For future reference, please bookmark your site link so that you can refer to it easily. In case you forget, the link is where yourwebsitename is what you provided in step 5 above.

And that’s it! Congratulations on successfully installing your new WordPress website. You deserve a pat on the back.

In this tutorial, we’ve gone through installation of WordPress in 7 brief steps. I have shown you how you can do this without paying a cent, thanks to a generous initiative by 000WebHost.

In the next tutorial, we will talk about the WordPress dashboard in detail. See you then.

Did you manage to follow through with this exercise? Any suggestions? Please comment below.


    1. Hi @Freeman,
      Sorry for the challenge. It also gave me a problem when I tried for the first time. Did it give you any error? There’s a possibility that you had an issue with the username.

      In step 5 I have the following in italics: “please note that only numbers, latin letters and hyphens are allowed”. Try that, and if it still brings you an issue you could send me your domain link so that I can test it as well. Keep learning!

      1. Thank you Amba. I got past that step, now I lost my internet connection before WordPress could install (Fig 6c). How can I navigate to the download page (6), now that the dashboard follow after the login screen?

  1. Hi Samedi, I could not go past step 6. I did not get an option to install word press but the status of my website name is ‘running’

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